Serie: UDC. Degrees 2020/21.

19 May 2020

"Degree in Public Works Engineering. Degree in Civil Engineering Technology."

15 May 2020

"Grade in Sociology."

"Grade in Electrical Engineering."

14 May 2020

"UDC Simultaneous grades. Linguistic and literary studies."

13 May 2020

"Nanoscience grade studies."

"Simultaneity of the degree in Mechanical Engineering and the degree in Naval and Oceanic Engineering."

"Degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity."

"Mechanical Engineering grade studies.."

Higher Polytechnic School of Ferrol.

12 May 2020

"Landscape grade studies."


"Engineering in Industrial Electronics and Automation Grade."

"Naval and Oceanic Engineering Degree studies."

"Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources (A Coruña)"

"Enxeñaría en Tecnoloxías Industriais grade studies."

Higher Polytechnic School of Ferrol.

"Comunicación Audiovisual grade studies."

11 May 2020

"Creación Dixital, Animación e Vídeoxogos grade studies."

"Galician and Portuguese: Linguistic and literary grade studies."

"English grade studies."

"Enxeñaría en Deseño Industrial e Desenvolvemento do Produto grade studies."

"Occupational Therapy grade studies."

Faculty of Health Sciences.

10 May 2020

"Science in Nursing grade studies (Ferrol)."

"Speech therapy grade studies."

"Social Education grade studies."

"Podiatry grade studies."

"Data Science and Engineering Grade studies."

Faculty of Computer Science, A Coruña.

"Computer Engineering Grade studies."

Faculty of Computer Science, A Coruña.

"Grade studies in: Bilogy; Chemistry; Simultaneity: Biology-Chemistry; Nanoscience and Nanotechnology."

Faculty of Health Sciences.

"Business Administration and Management grade studies."

"Open Grades studies."

"Technical architecture grade studies."

University School of Technical Architecture.

"Physiotherapy grade studies."

Faculty of Physiotherapy.