IAPS Network Simposium

Recording date: 27/06/2013
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IAPS Network Simposium - Specific session 2 - Getting to radical sustainability: are we radical enough for changes?, W. Wehrmeyer, S. Fudge, Z. Stasiskiene, A. Staskevicius, A. Farsang, L. Venhoeven and G. Perlaviciute - Teenage envisions to a sustainable Europe in 2030; how to get there?, W. J. Luiten and S. B. Emmert - New futures and new ways to get there: examining school pupils and experts transition pathways across six EU countries, W. Wehrmeyer, S. Emmert, A. Farsan, E. Kondili, Z. Stasiskiene, L. Venhoeven, G. Vitterso - Identifying key drivers, barriers and change agents: policy and practice-relevant lessons from six countries across the EU, A. Farsan, Alan Watt, W. Wehrmeyer, S. Fudge

Series: IAPS

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